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Do you find yourself asking the same old questions like….

Who called me?

Who’s number is that?

I wonder how to trace a mobile phone number?

Who lives at that address?

Ever wonder where old school friends are today?

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Tracing & Locating Individuals

  • Has someone skipped town with your money?
  • Getting divorced but can’t find the correct home address for service of legal documents?
  • Speak to the well respected people finder, TraceBritain!
  • Ask about our Phone or Home Number Trace!
  • Do you have an email address and need to know who’s it is?
  • Need our help to locate people? Call 0203 239 9895
  • Involved in a car accident and legal documents have to be served?
  • Had some work done on your home or property and the contractor has disappeared?
  • Looking for a business or person within that business that has locked its doors?
  • Need to find people by home phone number alone? Try our Phone Number Reversal Service
  • Looking to find people UK Wide? Top Quality People Search is here!
  • TraceBritain know how to find someone! We specialise in finding people!
  • Are you trying to find someone who is named in a “Will”?
  • Have you been scammed in a “Fraud”?
  • Are you needing to confirm details of a Birth, Death or even a Marriage?
  • Calling all Landlords, we can vet all your prospective tenants
  • Order a credit check on an individual, or a business.

Locating people for service of process or for other purposes is commonly known as Skip Tracing.
We do not do locates by database only.

Skip tracing can be literally defined as the technique to trace and locate persons who have intentionally or non-intentionally vanished without leaving behind a trail.
Such an act of absconding can be due to evasion of financial or legal

A Flat Fee is available for the average locate or trace. Additional costs apply to those determined to be extensive. For those individuals who are difficult to locate, because
they are attempting to keep their location unknown, are not available on flat fee basis.

A signed authorisation form and retainer will sometimes be required.

We dont just search in our databases when looking for people,
we also offer a Door Knock Service anywhere in the UK whereby we can verify residency
using our huge network of Agents, and can visually confirm occupancy at an address if required.

Contact Us with any questions, by email on [email protected]


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