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TraceBritain is the leading tracing specialists in the UK; we provide a friendly, affordable and discrete service and strive to help you find the answers in the past, present and future.
We are more than just a search facility. A key feature that customers can benefit from is that we are determined, motivated and trained to not only look for a piece of information, but to find the answers you’re looking for.
We also have the ability to locate anyone in the UK- reconnecting you with a long lost friend or relative.
We can carry out searches that stretch back to the 1900’s, helping you find that key information that you need. If you had a machine that would let you travel through time, who would you go back to see?
Time machines are still the stuff of sci-fi, unfortunately, but if you’ve lost touch with a few old companions over the years, we could help whisk you back to the old days.
Our people finder has millions of records available, and all you really need to get started is a name.Who might be waiting for you to get in touch?

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